Month's Mind

Eileen Spry

Eileen Spry (née Walshe)

Ballynabinnia, Kilnamona, Clare

The Month's Mind Mass for Eileen Spry will take place on  Sunday, 18th September, at 11:00am in St. Joseph's, Kilnamona. All are Welcome.

It's been the hardest thing to lose you

You meant so much to me

But you are in my heart Mum

And that’s where you’ll always be

I know Heaven called you

But I wish you could have stayed

At least the memories I have of you

They will never fade

I did not want to lose you

But you did not go alone

Because a part of me went with you

When Heaven called you home

So just remember one thing

We are not apart

You’re with me in my memories

And in my broken heart

Much loved and sadly missed every day by your loving family and friends.

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