Brian Monahan Brian Monahan Brian Monahan

Brian Monahan

Trim, Meath
/ Edenmore, Dublin

This is a very difficult acknowledgement to have to write because there are so many people we are grateful to and wish to acknowledge. To each and every one of you who showed us your love, sympathy and condolences, for your kind words and acts of generosity, we are sincerely thankful.

To all those who were here for the wake, the funeral service, and here by us in general, in the time before and after, our deepest gratitude to you all. It is very difficult to thank you all individually, but we are grateful to you all and wish for you to feel that gratitude.

A special thanks also to the Oncology Team at St. Vincent’s Hospital, St. Francis Hospice, Blanchardstown and Bourke’s Funeral Home.

From the family of Brian – wife Ciara, son Alan and daughter Niamh, our gratitude extends to you all; near and close, far and wide.

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