Month's Mind

Veronica DURNIN

Veronica DURNIN (née Laverty)

Duffy's Terrace, Castletown Road and formerly Mullaharlin Road, Dundalk, Louth
/ Haggardstown, Louth

Veronica's Months Mind will be celebrated at Mass on Sunday, August 30th in

St. Fursey's Church, Haggardstown at 11am. It can be viewed by follwing this link:



I’d like the memory of me

to be a happy one.

I’d like to leave an afterglow

of smiles when life is done.

I’d like to leave an echo

whispering softly down the ways.

Of happy times and laughing times

and bright and sunny days.

I’d like the tears of those who grieve

to dry before the sun.

Of happy memories that I leave

when life is done.

Always remembered

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