Where to find condolences on RIP.ie

Death notices are not removed from RIP.ie, they are available indefinitely and may be located simply be conducting a surname search (adjusting the date range accordingly).

Where a condolence book has been opened by the funeral director, a button displays permanently at the foot of the death notice, as highlighted in the screenshot below.


We do not close condolence books, however, a funeral director may do this at the request of a family. You can check with the funeral director if there is no condolence button showing.


Two months after publication of the death notice, the condolence book becomes ‘read only’ which means that no new condolences may be added. However, the link to the condolence book will remain at the foot of the death notice and the condolence book may be viewed, saved and / or printed by you at any time, from within the condolence book, by clicking on the “Print” button on the top right of the screen, as shown in the screenshot below.



We do not print condolence books, however, for home printing of condolence books, we have covers and presentation boxes available here.



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