Brian Curran Funeral Director

Established in 1997, providing funeral services throughout the Leinster area in a sensitive and personal manner, meeting the needs of the bereaved.

24 hour service Funeral Home available.



Obituary Notices
Coffin Showroom
Prepaid Funeral Plans
Private Funeral Home Available
Burial & Cremation
Temporary Grave Markers
Condolence Book/Books
Funeral Booklets
Organise Funeral Music
Hearse and Funeral Cars
Religious & Non-Rel. Funerals
Grave Purchase or Opening
Green Funeral Options
Post-funeral Refreshments
Repatriation to & from Ireland
Remembrance Stationery








"In the Midst of your sorrow allow me to be your friend"




Contact Details

  • Brian Curran Funeral Director
  • Castle Street,
  • Kells, Co. Meath

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