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Find a specific death notice

On the home page  you have a few options to help you find the notice you are looking for: 


If you only know the surname of the deceased, enter that into the "surname" field and click "search". This returns all notices matching that surname published in the last 7 days. Change the "from" and "to" dates, as necessary.

If you know the surname and county of the deceased, enter both and click "search" This returns all notices matching that surname, for that county, published in the last 7 days. Change the "from" and "to" dates, as necessary.


If you are looking for a specific notice, published during a specific date range enter the information you know into the search boxes, e.g. surname, county, then select the date range using the "from" and "to" calendars. In the example below, I want to see all notices published for the period Jan 1st 2020 to Sept. 12th 2020 matching the surname “Jones” in county Dublin. 


You can bookmark the page(s) that you visit most regularly, such as deaths in your county, so that the next time you visit, you will be taken straight to that page. For example, if you are interested only in death notices from Co. Kilkenny, then select that county from the County dropdown menu and click search (see below). Then bookmark this page in the usual way.



Clicking the "Death Notices" tab on the home page, gives a all list of Recently Published Notices on, that is, notices published today and yesterday, as well as some notices for funerals that are still ongoing. On this page you also have the same search options as on the Home Page (explained above).

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