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Find Practical Information e.g. counselling, legal & financial issues


Click the "Practical Information" tab on the top navigation bar, where you will find information, from reliable sources, relevant to End of Life Matters in Ireland, inluding topics such as:

  • Before a Death (incl. making a will)
  • After a Death (incl. registering a death and organ donation)
  • Financial & Legal (incl. bereavement grants and taxes)
  • Bereavement Help (incl. a comprehensive guide, counselling and support services)

You can quickly find what you are looking for by using the seach box at the top of the page in the Practical Information Section.


Simply type the word or phrase you are looking and click the "search" button (as shown above).


The results page will highlight the pages in the Practical Information Section which refer to the specific word or phrase you searched for.


The "Resources" area, at the bottom of the Practical Information Section, is useful for quickly finding guides, help, lists and links. It also includes information about readings, verses, quotes, music, books, poems and cards, which may offer some small comfort in a time of loss.

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