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Purchasing a Headstone

 What do you have to consider when ordering a headstone?


How do I go about purchasing a headstone?

Call to your nearest headstone showroom where experienced staff will assist you in the entire process of erecting a headstone for your grave.

What size is the grave?

  • It can depend on your cemetery, but standard sizes are as follows;
  • Single 4'0 wide, Double 8'0 wide, Treble from 10'0.

What cemetery rules may apply?

  • Is it a Lawn cemetery – where there are no surrounds around the grave?
  • Is there a height restriction?
  • Is there a Burial Board fee / Foundation Fee?

What interaction is required with the cemetery?

Cemeteries are either owned by a County Council or they are Parish run. All normally have rules and regulations for granting permission to erect a headstone. Depending on the cemetery, there can be a fee charged for this.

The permission will normally be applied for on your behalf by the monumental mason and any fees will be added onto your account. Only when permission is granted can the work proceed on your grave.


How soon after a burial can i erect a headstone?

Lawn cemeteries facilitate a headstone to be erected immediately – as soon as you wish. When you are allowed a surround around your grave, the headstone and surround can go up immediately. However, it is advisable that the grave is not cemented until the ground settles normally at least 4 months. Putting peat moss / clay on the grave will aid the settlement of the grave after burial.


How long does it take to erect a headstone after ordering?

Once the relevant permission has been granted the order can proceed.  Normally, dependent on availability of material, a headstone will be erected within 4 weeks. People also choose certain times of the year to erect headstones e.g.  Blessings/ Patruns of the cemeteries, Anniversaries, Birthdays, Religious holidays.


What style do I like?

Tall, wide, narrow, short, ornate, simple.


What colour do I like?

Headstones are available in a wide range of colours and designs in polished granite, Limestone and Marble – colours are Premium Black, White with speckle, Mid Grey with speckle, Paradiso (pink veined) , Bahama Blue, Autumn Brown, Blue Pearl, Emerald Vein.

Can I select scenes and inscription fonts for my headstone?

Yes. On order, when an inscription is given, a mock proof will be produced showing how the lettering will look on your chosen headstone. You can choose from a wide range of font styles and scenes to personalise your headstone. Advice would also be given on lettering colour that will suit best e.g. black, white, gold, silver.

Can I put a photograph / crest / symbol on the headstone?

Yes. A copy of a photograph, in colour or black and white is required. This will be used to prepare a ceramic photograph which can be mounted on to your headstone or accessory.  There are various sizes available and shapes e.g.  oval, rectangular, heart. All football team crests, life emblems are available also.


What options do I have for the inside of the surround?

  1. You can cement over the grave and select from a wide range of chipping. 
  2. You can put a strip across the grave, 2’0 from the top to create a flower bed, with cement and chippings on the rest of the grave. 
  3. Put rockery netting down on the clay and then put chippings / wood bark down. 
  4. Put peat moss on the grave.  

After sales service

After sales services can include renovations to existing graves, such as  – cementing over graves after additional burials, changing chippings on graves,  adding new inscriptions, cleaning headstones and surrounds, repainting existing letters. Grave accessories are also popular e.g. bronze & silver lanterns, statues, moulded vases, bibles, hearts, plaques, photographs etc.  

Compiled by Butterly Stone

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